Just Bet

Where Everyone
is a WINR

The first-ever fully decentralized and autonomous gaming platform which has no human interaction, where payouts cannot be tampered with at any time and “where everyone is a WINR”.

Existing users, please click here to migrate your tokens from TRC-20 to ERC-20

LP Program (Old)
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Unstake Your TRC-20 winr tokens
Convert your WINR Tokens to ERC-20

Please note, if your tokens are unstaked, then please follow the instructions below

Please note your coins will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Migration steps

Connect to your tronlink wallet

Send your WINRs to the Tron blockchain address provided

Provide us your ERC-20 wallet address to receive your WINR Tokens

Join our NFT Program to earn even more

Requires NFT to be held in the same wallet connected to the JustBet Platform. More details to follow soon


more WINR minted when you play


of weekly lottery shared equally with other holders when there is no lottery winner that week


more WINR minted when you play


of weekly lottery shared equally with other holders when there is no winner

What’s New

Low Transaction Fees. We run on Polygon Layer 2

Gameplay in ERC-20 and Wrapped tokens (ETH, wBTC, MATIC, USDT)

UX/UI improvements

Updated mining formula

Faucet: Claim $5 of free Matic to cover your initial transaction fees

All currencies and platform show USD values

How the platform works
WINR Staking & Mining
Logarithmic formula for mining
USD price oracle used across all coins
Depreciating minting over 9 phases
Stake your WINRS to earn daily airdrops
Payout ratio displays earning difficulty
Difficulty chart shows WINR payout ratio (based on staking 1000 WINRs)
What is JustBet

Fully decentralised Casino and Lottery

Autonomous bankroll

All games are built on chain

Random Number Generators supplied by ChainLink

Price Oracles supplied by Chainlink

Fully anonymous

Dec 2018

Idea Emerged

Sept 2019

First Private Beta Release

Dec 2019

Extensive Simulations

Jun 2020

Partnership with Bitmart

Sep 2020

Version 1 Launch (Tron)

Dec 2020

Polygon (Matic) partnership

Mar 2021

Code Migration to Polygon

Mar 2021

ERC-20 Minted and Coin Migration

Apr 2021

Uniswap Listing and LP program launch

May 2021

Initial NFT sales with Jack ♦️

June 2021

Version 2 Launch (migrate to Polygon Layer 2)

June 2021

Roulette Launch (single player)

July 2021

Adding new Coins for gameplay

Aug 2021

Roulette (Multi- Player) and New Games rollout plan