$WINR is now listed on Camelot DEX. Official contract address:
Genesis WLP Farm
$WLP is the liquidity pool token of the WINR Protocol and it is the counterparty to all the bets. Genesis WLP depositors will be rewarded with whitelist spot on public sale and bonus vWINR yield.
Usdc deposit
projected apr
contract address
start date
03rd of March 12 PM UTC
end date
31st of March 9 PM UTC
Deposit USDC and get a proportional gWLP.
Receive bonus vWINR emissions for the first six months, claimable block by block.
gWLP earns yield over time, claimable in an asset you choose after the lock period.
Buy gWLP
gWLP in Wallet0
Up to 2.5 of the whole supply will be distributed to gWLP holders over six months.
gWLP tokens can be converted to WLP after the initial 30 days. However, converted WLP stops receiving bonus vWINR rewards.
Genesis WLP can be converted to WLP 2 weeks after the mainnet release.